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All Cadremont Photo Mounts are uniquely cut to a 45 degree angle , we only use Conservation Level Mountboard  this guarantees it is 100% acid free, white core as standard and precision cut using the latest digital technology

This is essential - Conservation mountboard is guaranteed for 300 years, and will not stain or leak on to your artwork. Personally we would not recommend using anything less.

Using a deeper 45 degree angle on the bevel of the mount gives your artwork much more depth to the final product - we are unaware of any other manufacturer that can provide this

As exhibition specialists, we use Swiss digital technology to guarantee pefection every time. Each variation of mount is fully customised for your requirements - size, shape, aperture, frame size, colour.  Please click on the categories below to see more - Single Mounts - Double Mounts - Extra Thick Mounts etc 

Once you've chosen your mount, don't forget to have a look at our enormous range of high quality picture frames.

We cater for small or large high volume orders, we pride ourselves on repeat business.  If there is anything you want to discuss either contact via the online form or just pick the phone and call us. 

Remember you can either pay online or simply complete your order - select 'Phone Ordering' and call us during office hours and we'll process your order for you. 

All photo mounts fully comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level. They also pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test

Some people call them picture mounts others photo mounts or even photo mats if you are in America. So just to avoid any confusion - they are all exactly the same thing.

Photo Mounts FAQ

Click on the button to show the common questions we get asked - please contact us for more info.

Question - What is the best mountboard to use
Answer - Conservation level mountboard by Cadremont that is 100% acid free and complies to the Fine Art Trade Guilds specification

Question - What are Photo Mounts ?
Answer - Photo Mounts comprise of a layer/s of mountboard that has been cut and then fitted over a photograph or artwork. They act as a protective and visual barrier to a picture frame. Mounts should be 100% Acid free and Conservation level. There are Single, Double and Extra Thick Mounts. Single or Multi Apertures are available. Cadremont only use Conservastion Level mounts.

Question - What does a Mounted Photo or Picture mean
Answer - Mounting a photograph / print or artwork that will have a mount placed around the artwork. This is then usually ready to be framed or bagged ready for sale or display. Cadremont only use Conservation Level Mountbaord, 100% acid free, protects your precious work and lasts for over 300 years. Colours / Style / Mount type is all down to personal preference. Mounting your artwork this way is the best way to display it.

Question - What is a Single Mount - Double Mount - Extra Thick Mount ?
Answer - A single mount is 1 layer of mountboard (conservation level) which has single or multiple aperures cut to size. Double Mounts are 2 sheets of mountboard, usually colour cordinated to highlight colours used in the artwork. Extra Thick Mounts are single layer mounts, one colour but with an extra thick depth. The choice is yours, Cadremont can advise

Question - What angle should Photo Mounts be cut at ?
Answer - We reccommend photo mounts are cut to 45° angle. Because this is 5° steeper than other manufacturers can cut. These mounts will give a greater depth than other UK suppliers

Question - What are backing boards for photo mounts
Answer - Cadremont supply backing boards that sit underneath the artwork and mount. They make the final product sturday and suitable to be framed. Any mounted artwork should have backing boards fitted.

Question - What size should my Photo Mount be cut to ?
Answer - Cadremont will cut any size mount you want. All the standard sizes are catered for - metric and imperial. Plus if you have any custom size mounts we can cut to your exact specifications.

Any other questions please contact us or email us


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