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Photo Mounts information


Cadremont Photo Mounts information and why they are different to other mounts available on the marketIf you are in the business of selling your artwork - which we know a lot of you are then you will understand the importance of protecting as well as showing off your artwork to its best.  That's why with our Photo Mounts you can be guaranteed of this :-

  • We only use high quality 100% acid-free 1.4 microns thick mountboard.
  • Conservation standard mountboard, ensuring no leaks or degradation of your artwork.
  • Each board is alkaline-sized, acid-free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability and longevity.
  • ALL mounts are to a 45 degree bevel angle
  • Conservation quality, boards are lignin-free with no optical brighteners
  • All our mounts are precision cut every time and can be cut exactly to your specifications.
  • We cater for low and high volume orders.  Any order over £120 has free shipping .
  • We offer mounts of every type, style and colour. The prices are great to. 


What makes these photo mounts unique is that we are the only company we know of that can cut mounts to a 45 degree angle. Why does this make a difference ? the steep the angle the more depth it gives to your artwork - and all our customers agree


All mounts fully comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level. They also pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test