Cadremont Picture Mounts & Frames

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Cadremont was setup over 15 years ago to provide an easy online & more affordable way to order standard and customised picture mounts for your artwork. Order and Pay Online or Order Online and Pay over the phone with prices that are usually 60% lower than the High St.

Picture Mounts 

We use only the finest quality acid-free materials to produce our custom picture mounts. As exhibition specialists, we use Swiss digital technology to create perfectly accurate pieces designed individually to our customers' precise requirements. 100% acid free conservation standard mounts that fully comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level. They also pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test.

Picture Mounts

Single Mounts

Single layered conservation level mountboard 

  • 100% Acid FREE
  • Conservation Level
  • Uniquely cut to 45°
  • FATG (Fine Arts Trade Guild) Approved

 Single Picture Mounts 

Cadremont Double Layered Picture Mounts acid free conservation level ph neutral

Double Mounts

Two layers of mountboard, layered on top of each other but offset to add depth, contrast and colour co-ordination 

  • Select Top and Bottom Colours
  • Conservation Level as usual
  • 100% Acid FREE
  • Uniquely cut to 45°
  • FATG (Fine Arts Trade Guild) Approved

 Double Mounts 

Extra Thick Mounts

One Extra Thick mount that gives a solid extra depth to your artwork

  • Selection of 2 Colours
  • 2.6 mm deep
  • 100% Acid FREE
  • Cut to 45°
  • FATG (Fine Arts Trade Guild) Approved

Extra thick Mounts

Extra thick Picture Mounts Cadremont acid free conservation level

black core mounts, cadremont, acid free ,conservation level

Black Core Mounts

  • Great contrast
  • 1400µ (1.4 milligrams)
  • Selection of Colours
  • pH Neutral

Black Core Mounts

Mulit Aperture Mounts

We also produce multi aperture mounts to suit all popular sizes and just about every conceivable comniation of shapes.

Multi Mounts

Backing Boards

Mounts are usually secured from behind by a backing board and if you are selling your artwoprk commercially we strongly reccommend you keep them clean in an Acetate bag. Weve found that on average you will sell more if your work is mounted, backed and bagged ready for your customer to select whatever frame suits the room it will be displayed in.

Backing Boards        Acetate Bags

Photo Mounts

Just to avoid any confusion, some people refer to mounts as Photo Mounts or Photo Mats etc. They are all the same thing, just with different names attached to them. They are still acid free, pH balanced, Conservation Level, cut precisely to your exact measurements and still outstanding vale for money when compared like for like with the High Street

Photo Mounts

To Sum Up

Cadremont are a family run business. We can cater for small one off or high volume orders. 

You can buy online using PayPal (you do not need a paypal account) or you can pay over the phone. Our system means you can order online and pay immediately with PayPal , or call us to pay over the phone when you have recieved the invoice from us. Our system is fully HTTPS web secure, look out for the padlock, we are also fully PCI / DSS compliant