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picture mounts - custom mounts - photography mounts available to buy online, secure checkout. Cadremont picture mounts are 100% acid free, conservation standard mountboard guaranteed to protect your artwork

All Picture Mounts uniquely cut to 45 degree bevel cut. 100% acid free, white core and cut using conservation level mountboard.

Conservation mountboard - essential for artwork - 300 year guarantee - will not stain or leak. Do NOT use anything else. Cadremont mounts comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level. They also pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test
  • Deep angle on bevel gives artwork much more depth.
  • Exhibition specialists using Swiss digital technology - guarantee precision every time.
  • Specific requirements can be customised for - size, shape, aperture, colour.  See below for different picture mount variations
  • Small or high volume orders - no problem
  • Order online - pay via PayPal - or Phone ordering available. Select 'Phone Ordering' on checkout  - call us during office hours and we'll process your order for you.
  • Want to discuss ? - please contact us - happy to assist 

See all Picture Mounts options below - Singles - Doubles - Extra Thick etc


Mounts FAQ

Question - What is the best mountboard to use
Answer - Conservation level mountboard by Cadremont that is 100% acid free and complies to the Fine Art Trade Guilds specification

Question - What types of picture mounts are available
Answer - Single mounts - 1 sheet of mountboard. Double Mounts - 2 sheets of mount board usually different colours to add contrast. Extra Thick Mounts - same depth as a double mount but is actually 1 single 'thick' board. BlackCore - mounts that have a black core rather than a white core. Dont forget multi aperture mounts.

Question - What angle should mounts be cut at
Answer - 45 degree angle, this adds a greater depth to artwork. We are the only UK supplier that can do this

Question - What core for picture mounts are available ?
Answer - Whitecore or Blackcore as standard, depends on your personal preference

Question - Will Conservation Level mountboard dis-colour
Answer - Conservation Level Mountboard from Cadremont will not change it's colour and will last approx 300 years. Do NOT use inferior quality Mountboard

Question - Can I have custom sizes and multi aperture mounts
Answer - Cadremont can cut any size or dimensions you want. We also supply all the standard industry sizes. The same applies for multi apertures.

Question - I prefer to pay over the phone - is that possible ?
Answer - You can order securely online OR order online and pay over the phone with your card details

Question - Do you cater for large volume orders
Answer - Yes we can cater for very large orders

Question - What sort of prices can I expect to pay for Picture Mounts
Answer - Cadremont will always match and usually beat any online price and significantly better prices than the major retailers.


Single Mounts - pack of 10
(40 reviews)  

Double Mount - pack of 10
(22 reviews)  

Extra Thick Mount - pack of 10
(13 reviews)  

Black Core Mounts
(20 reviews)  

Mountboard colour chart
(0 reviews)  
ECO tape
(0 reviews)  

Conservation Tape
(0 reviews)  
ATG Tape
(0 reviews)  
700 ATG Dispenser
(0 reviews)  
Individual Picture Frame Mounts - Singles
(0 reviews)  

Individual Picture Frame Mounts - Double
(0 reviews)  

Individual Picture Frame Mounts - Extra Thick
(0 reviews)  

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