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‘Nearly’ By Royal Appointment

‘Nearly’ By Royal Appointment…..

Sometimes when we send our mounts and frames out of the door , we often wonder where they will end up. We have had a mounted picture frame given to Barrack Obama and some work was sent into the Arctic circle. So it is safe to say we don’t have a clue where they will end up.

So, last week it was interesting to get an email from a customer who works for a charity. Graham mixes his artwork with his charity work. He was at a Festival when he was told to expect a ‘visit’ from the Patron of the festival. She usually attends with her ‘other half‘ but this time she was on her own – apart from her security and equerry.

Duchess of Cambridge - Camilla Parker Bowles purchases Cadremont Picture Mounts plus artwork
Duchess of Cambridge purchases artwork that has been mounted using Cadremont Picture Mountes

As Graham says “We were told to expect a visit to our exhibition tent and for it to last no more than 5 minutes, the usual handshake and introductions etc”

“However during her visit she became enthralled by the mounted ‘breakers’ artwork we are selling. She spent around 10 minutes making a selection to take home to give to the Grand Kids”.

Not sure what the Royal protocol is but Graham says she insisted on paying the full amount for them. She was in the tent looking at Graham’s work for a full 20-30 minutes.

Grahams background is very interesting , he has been a charity volunteer for Oxfam for over 30 years, both as a voluntary shop manager in Leeds and also as a National Product Development Manager for Books and Bookshops. He promoted the utilisation of illustrations from distressed books and period advertising from magazines and other ephemera etc and over the last 15 years has supplied books to, built and trained over 100 bookshops.

Ill health meant Graham has had to slow down a bit over the last year or so but he continues to volunteer and build shops and select the stock and run the shop with other volunteers at Hay.

Cadremont Picture Mounts - Duchess of Cornwall - makes a purchase - well done Graham
Camilla Parker Bowles Duchess of Cornwall purchases Cadremont Photo Mounts for Grand children

Says Graham “Business has been fantastic of late including the work Camilla Parker Bowles aka The Duchess of Cornwall purchased which was a selection of ‘breakers’, including comics, Eagle, Hotspur, Lion, all mounted and backed using Cadremont products….the same that Camilla bought”.

This year will be the 10th year Graham will be at the festival and is hoping for record breaking sales – we wish you well Graham.

We like to help and support any business , so if you have a story, event or some news you want to help ‘get out there’. We really want to help you do it. Just contact us via the contact page and lets talk.

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles buys artwork mounted by Cadremont
Cadremont Picture Mounts - Pgoto Mounts - acid FREE conservation standard mountboard

If you are looking for similar picture mounts to the ones Graham uses, then please click on the link below. If selling work commercially we have found that artwork sells easily  if it has been mounted, and a back added to it and is sealed in an acetate bag.  This means it is kept totally clean, dust free and ready to be put into a frame of your customers choice.

We obviously dont know where the artwork ultimately ended up, but as long as the person who gets it as a gift is happy and the person who sold the artwork is happy – then we are happy to.

Well done Graham