All you ever wanted to know about Picture Mounts – Photo Mounts


We get asked lots of questions regarding Cadremont Picture Mounts – Photo Mounts  so we thought we would try and list all the answers you could ever want here.  Firstly – there is no difference between Photo Mounts or Picture Mounts or even Photo Matting – it is all the same – different people call them different things.

Do you have Photo mounts for sale ?


Yes we do – and lots of them. Our online shopping system means that from within one place you can select the size, shape, colour, dimensions, apertures etc.  We  have Single Mounts , Double Mounts (2 mounts layered on top of each other – great for colour cordination ) and extra thick mounts (available in whites only) –  also great for added depth.

We also have some customised mounts for you to choose from eg the Pinstripe Mount and the Ribbon Mount.

Can I buy picture mounts online – do you make picture mounts for frames – are you UK based


In a word Yes – all the picture mounts we make are available to buy online – 24×7. We even cater for those of you that do not want to use PayPal (even though you dont need a PayPal account to purchase) – some people prefer not to pay online  – that is NO problem for us. Our system means you can order as normal – and at the Checkout – just select the option for ‘Phone Ordering’.  Your order / invoice will be generated as usual – all you need to do then is call us during normal office hours and we can take payment over the phone.

Yes – We also make picture mounts for frames – that is what they are usually used for. They help to focus people’s attention directly to your artwork.  We stock a wide variety of frames to suite all tastes and budget.

Yes – we are UK based. We located in Cardiff – but obviously we can ship your order anywhere in the UK and overseas. We have orders go as far as Norway to New York , and from locally around the corner to the Shetland Islands.  The shipping costs are all worked out when you check out.  If the systems says we dont ship to your Country – please call us – so we can get you a shipping cost.

A4 Picture Mounts –  10 x 8 Photo Mounts….Picture Mounts Standard Sizes


We regularly get asked what size mounts can we cut – and the answer is any size up to 40cm x 50cm.  We list the standard sizes that people ask for eg A4 , 10 x 8, 20 x 16 etc.  These are the external dimensions. We have a list of standard internal (or aperture) sizes , and also have the option to add any specific internal size you may require – so if you really do want a 20 x 16 mount with a 1 inch aperture – then that is exactly what we will cut for you.

Cheap picture mounts UK


There are 2 things to consider here – cheap as in price and cheap as in quality standard.  When looking for mounts please please please only ever go for ‘Conservation Standard’ Mountboard that is 100% acid FREE, complies to the FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation levela and that also passes the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test.

We ONLY ever use this type of mountboard and would urge you never to use anything other than this – so if you do look anywhere make sure to ask those questions as some other online suppliers may supply inferior quality mounts – your artwork deserves better.

Price – we believe we offer the best price / quality ratio anywhere online at very competitive prices.  We sell mounts in packs of 10 – compare this to other retailers who sell at the same price for 1 mount !!

Picture Mounts with backing


Cadremont sell Picture Mounts just as they are. However as most people will know – that is not the end of the story. Mounts sit around your artwork. To hold the artwork in place and to give a firm backing – you should use a backing board. Backing boards sit behind the whole mount and will securely hold the photo / painting etc in place.

Having a backing board for your mount is always recommended. If you are selling your work – then we have found that people will sell more if they provide the finished product with a mount, backing board and also an acetate bag – which keeps everything clean. So all your customer has to do is select a frame at a later date for the room in which they decide to display.

Why should I use Cadremont Mounts ?


We use conservation mount board as standard as we mentioned above. The specification of this board is

  • Acid free
  • Bevel cut (to 45 degree angle)
  • WhiteCore as standard
  • This board will not discolour, please do not use an inferior board.

We are the only picture mount supplier we are aware of that can cut to a 45 degree angle – Does this matter ? – Yes it does.

Mounts cut to a 45 degree angle give much more depth to the finished artwork – and that’s what our customers want.

Can I buy Picture Mounts and Frames ?


Yes – picture mounts and frames go together like salt and pepper. Whenever you buy a Cadremont Picture Frame – please click on the ‘Related Item’ tab at the bottom of the page – and select the option ‘Individual Picture Frame Mounts’.  Here rather than buying the standard pack of 10 you can get an individual mount for your frame.

Cadremont Video

A while back we did a little video about us and about the mounts we make