100% Recyclable Acetate Bags

acetate bags recyclable

I guess we have all seen or heard about the plastic issue that affects the oceans and the environment. David Attenborough shone a light on the subject and it certainly helped to focus everyone’s attention re what we can all do to help.

We sell Acetate bags, they are perfect for sealing your artwork, protecting it from getting dirty and really do help sales. After all for a customer – seeing an image, which is already in a picture mount, with a firm backing board and in a protective bag, means it’s ready to go. All the customer has to do is select a picture frame, should one be required.

We have had enquiries from numerous customers asking are the Acetate bags we supply recyclable.  Just so we can put it officially on the record, the bags we sell can all be recycled – 100%.

If you sell your artwork using our bags can you please let your customers know they are 100% recyclable. 

100% recyclable acetate bags for picture mounts - photo mounts