Any photographers out there ? – we know there are.


Are you aware of the Real Photographers Forum ?   is a “Real Name” photography forum and Community based Ezine for people to discuss and share photography as a hobby or profession with like minded people.   We love this – as it means no hiding behind a false name and no keyboard warrior behaviour.  People then behave as they would in real life – with manners and respect.  They are a community based site where all the members are invited to discuss anything and everything to do with photography in a polite and friendly manner (no cliques, no attitudes)

No matter what your skill level is – everyone can always learn a new trick or technique regardless of  how long they have been a photographer and this site is certainly very friendly

All of the articles in the Ezine are written by the members and are taken from interesting threads within the forum itself.  This is fairly unique within photography ezines as most are run centrally and contain more specific news on recently released products etc. Articles within their ezine come from all over the world and cover all sorts of photography related subjects… and most importantly are written by “Joe-Enthusiast” as opposed to a Journalist in an office.  This gives a really nice diversity of photography related articles.

Their long term goal is to build up a resource of information relating to all aspects of photography written and complied from people all over the world.

Membership to the site is free and the only thing they ask of members is to be considerate and polite to the other members and to abide by our site rules.  Pay them a visit and have a look.