Pinstripe Photo Mount review


Pinstripe Photo Mount - Picture MountA while ago we launched our Pinstripe Mount.  unique in that no one else makes this type of mount.  We launched at this years Focus 2010 exhibition and the results so far mean we can safely say it has been a roaring success. Dont take our word for it though…

Norman Stebs,
September 1st, 2010

Rating: 5 out of 5

My customers see this mount – and the others never get a look in – reserve this for your best work. Or for customers who need something that little bit special.

2 Responses to Pinstripe Photo Mount review

  • Guys – great idea, Ive got some exhibition work coming up, these type of mounts would be just the job, one question – though can the pin stripe mount colour be any colour ? – as some of my work would need mainly reds and blues rather than black ?

    Mark C

  • Hi Mark,

    Yes we can do whatever colours you need, we have a colour chart on the website – if you need a specific colour code – email the code and we should be able to get a match for you.

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