Need Picture mounts cut to size ?


Although frame sizes tend to stay the same whether metric or imperial, we know that styles change and internal aperture sizes of Picture Mounts will always vary depending on the style of work you are completing.


That’s why whenever you order any of our mounts you can specify the EXACT internal aperture size you want.


Please remember though that we will cut to your exact size, so if you are in any doubt  Рyou can always drop us a line, call us or mention any extra bits of information when you make your order.

Spring is coming and we have noticed that are customers are starting to get busy. Bulk orders are not a problem click here for more info

Picture Mounts cut to size - mounts made to your exact requirements

2 Responses to Picture mounts cut to size

  • Hi,

    I am doing a limited edition run – need about 500 or so, I need a certain type internal aperture – slightly off centre, aligned to the right, can you do this and save the settings for the next time I have a run to do ?

  • Hello Colin,

    Yes we can especially if you are doing a large run, please give us a call and we can discuss it better over the phone. We do a lot of limited edition runs both for photographers and artists.
    Paul Morris

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