Piccadilly Albums – Farewell



piccadilly wedding albumsWe would like to pay tribute to Piccadilly Albums who for decades provided a first-class service to many photographers and organizations around South Wales and beyond. A family-run business, they will be missed by many in the trade.

Changing times often give rise to new opportunities and here at CADREMONT we would like to offer a  20% DISCOUNT to all Piccadilly’s customers both past and present from now until the end of May.

As well as supplying frames and mounts we also manufactured Piccadilly’s reportage overlays. You’ll be surprised at our prices… for example, our standard price for a reportage overlay is just £1.60!!

Our online service offers fast turnaround, collection or delivery options and simple payment services on our wide range of products.

To get the discount code just contact us or if you are on Facebook please click  Like Us – and we’ll email you the 20% off code.

2 Responses to Piccadilly Albums – Farewell

  • Hello, – shame and a shock to hear about Piccadilly, Ive been going their for years. I also didnt realise you supplied them mounts and frames :-
    1. Can you supply samples ?
    2. The reportage overlays – are they the sames that Piccadilly used ?
    regards phill

  • Yes we can they are available from the shop – mount and frame chevron samples – great for showing your customers. Although there is a cost for this board, we will refund you the cost, on request, when you have ordered more than £300 of frames from us in total. If you purchase the 26 chevron sample frame board we include the mount samples for free.

    Re the Reportage overlays – yes they are the exact same ones that they used.
    If you want any more info please just give us a call and we can explain more.

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