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New Multi Aperture Mounts layout options


We had a recent comment from a customer saying that they were trying to order a ‘ multi photo frames mount ‘ , but got so confused they gave up and phoned us instead (thanks Tony).   We had a look and decided to make a few changes.

Rather than selecting the frame size and then the mount style / number of apertures etc. We have changed it so that you can see the various mount styles up front on the page – all 30+ of them !! and then select a frame afterwards.

Every mount style will tell you what frame size will fit around the mount.  Just select a colour and if you want a double or single mount.  Every variation of  our Multi Aperture photo frame mounts should cover just about every possible combination. However if there is a particular style you want that we haven’t thought of – then just drop us a line and we’ll see if we can add it to the collection.

Multi aperture photo framesMulti aperture mounts Multi aperture photo frame mounts


Multi photo frames example


multi photo frames mount

The example above uses one of our swept style frames. We have hundreds of frames to choose from – blacks, silvers, golds as well as copper , brass and various wood types. There should be something to suit all tastes and styles.



New Swept Frames colour added

 contemporary antique ivory swept frames. An alternative to the usual white swept frameContemporary Antique White Swept Frames


We have added these beautiful frames to our swept frames selection.  They are available in both 2 and 3 inch profiles and come in a range of sizes, they look fantastic and more importantly we have managed to keep the price down.

These frames are perfect for showing off your best artwork or photography. Or if you just happen to have an old master hanging around in your attic then these would be ideal to show it off.

You usually find these frames in art galleries but these swept frames are now proving very popular for both home and professional use.

You can find out more by clicking on the swept frames link


2inch profile Antique Ivory swept frames


Wedding Photo Albums now available

Wedding Photo albums  - available in Black, Red and white - various levels of inserts available - build your own album We now stock a range of Wedding photo albums.


These classic, timeless and hand made albums are available in various colours and dimensions to suit all tastes and budgets.


For special days where memories need to last a life time and beyond. These albums are a must have addition for all occasions.

To find out more information please click on the album picture or if you want to call us direct please do on – 02920 757373


We will be adding more album ranges over the coming weeks – so please check the online shop for updates

Phone Orders….

Phone Orders for Frames and Mounts telephone orders available for picture frames and picture mounts


Sometimes we find our customers like to pay online – as it’s easier, they can do it anytime / anywhere  they like, even in the bath as long as your iPad is waterproof!! We also know that some customers prefer to call us directly, ask us a question about our picture frames / picture mounts, and pay over the phone instead.  For paying online we use PayPal – as it’s secure, guaranteed , people trust that method and you don’t have to have a PayPal account in order to use it.

Some of our customers have said they love the site and would love to be able to make an order , get an invoice and then phone in later to pay.  So as from today that is exactly what we have done with our website.

Browse through the frames and mounts as per normal, select the sizes, shapes, colours, quantities as per normal. Then when you are ready – click on Checkout.  You will now see 2 payments options  PayPal or Phone ordering.  If you choose Phone Ordering  , then your order is put on the system and an invoice is generated, which will be emailed to you and us.  When you are ready just phone us anytime during office hours, have your order number ready and we can take the payment over the phone and start work on your order.


There is only one more thing to add – our number  – 02920 757373




A4 Picture Frames

A4 Picture Frames , families, certificates, awards school ceremoniesA4 Picture Frames


If you are looking for affordable quality A4 frames then you need to check out our ‘Celtic’ range.

These are great if you are doing awards or certificates – ideal for offices, schools, colleges or just something to display on your desk to show off that competition you have just won.

They come in packs of 10 and you can select from a range of colours.  Not only that if you want to add that personal touch – why not add an engraving plate.  These are adhesive backed and can be stuck either to your award or on the outside of the frame.


As always, if you require any further information about these A4 picture frames, please get in touch. High volume orders are not a problem.

Dimensions – A4 frame – 15mm deep – frame profile 20mm. Available in packs of 10, so quantity of 1 = 10 frames.

Click on the image above or here for more info







Picture mounts cut to size

Need Picture mounts cut to size ?


Although frame sizes tend to stay the same whether metric or imperial, we know that styles change and internal aperture sizes of Picture Mounts will always vary depending on the style of work you are completing.


That’s why whenever you order any of our mounts you can specify the EXACT internal aperture size you want.


Please remember though that we will cut to your exact size, so if you are in any doubt  – you can always drop us a line, call us or mention any extra bits of information when you make your order.

Spring is coming and we have noticed that are customers are starting to get busy. Bulk orders are not a problem click here for more info

Picture Mounts cut to size - mounts made to your exact requirements

Wedding Table Plans

It pays to plan ahead….

Multi aperture framed Table plans for weddings - wedding seating plan.


It’s coming to that time of year again, it will soon be spring time and the wedding season starts in earnest.  So whether you are a photographer, wedding planner or helping someone with their big day – you will need to have a wedding seating plan for the reception.  These are a definite must have  especially when you have more than a couple of tables, it also takes the hassle of people wandering around each and every table trying to find their name.


We can cut your table to any specification you like. Just tell us how many tables you have and we can do the rest. Each table aperture is large enough to have ten names.  You can also colour co-ordinate your table plan with the brides dress as our table plans can be double mounted.

To finish it off – we also frame it for you, we have a selection of colours available.

They are fitted with a backing board – so all you need to do is print off the names per table and you are all done.

These Wedding Table plans are now in our shop and available to purchase online – if you need to discuss please call.




Awards & Certificates ?

A4-frames, A4-photo-frames ideal for awards or certificates - ready to hangAnd the winner is  ……

We may not be in the same league as the Oscars’, the Baftas’ or even the Tonys’ . But if you need frames to hold any A4 certificates or awards that you or your company have won, then please let us know.

We have a range of frames that will do just the job for you. They come in packs of 10,  ready to hang out of the box.  We can cater for any size orders.  Ideal for any clubs, companies or organisations that offer training, or certification awards etc.  As usual they come in a range of colours.  If you want to know any more just call us in the offcie on 02920 757373.




Any photographers out there ? – we know there are.


Are you aware of the Real Photographers Forum ?   is a “Real Name” photography forum and Community based Ezine for people to discuss and share photography as a hobby or profession with like minded people.   We love this – as it means no hiding behind a false name and no keyboard warrior behaviour.  People then behave as they would in real life – with manners and respect.  They are a community based site where all the members are invited to discuss anything and everything to do with photography in a polite and friendly manner (no cliques, no attitudes)

No matter what your skill level is – everyone can always learn a new trick or technique regardless of  how long they have been a photographer and this site is certainly very friendly

All of the articles in the Ezine are written by the members and are taken from interesting threads within the forum itself.  This is fairly unique within photography ezines as most are run centrally and contain more specific news on recently released products etc. Articles within their ezine come from all over the world and cover all sorts of photography related subjects… and most importantly are written by “Joe-Enthusiast” as opposed to a Journalist in an office.  This gives a really nice diversity of photography related articles.

Their long term goal is to build up a resource of information relating to all aspects of photography written and complied from people all over the world.

Membership to the site is free and the only thing they ask of members is to be considerate and polite to the other members and to abide by our site rules.  Pay them a visit and have a look.


Best supporting artists prize goes to …….

At Cadremont we are always interested in giving a mention to companies we deal with that we believe are giving a service that offers value for money, great customer service and is also helping to promote Artists by selling their work direct to your door.  Hilary and Richard have been running West Country Galleries full time since Nov last year. The business has been in operation since 2007 , but since Hilary and Richard have been in charge it has gone from strength to strength.  We agree – just like the website says

Art you treasure…from the place you love