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Rupert Boddington

It’s key on a customers first visit to build confidence and your website is so easy to use, error-free, fast & plain speaking. As a novice I also really appreciated your easy links to any extras needed.
Anyone I spoke to in person was really helpful and you met my last minute delivery request. My order came in perfect condition too as it was so well packaged. I’ll definitely be back in future.

Plastique Smile Rupert Boddington

From Rupert :-

Attached is a shot from Saturday of one print mounted from my pile. Red Lobster Gallery in Sheringham, Norfolk are the first place outside Hertfordshire to sell my work and my order from you is also the first time I’ve used mounts.

Thanks to your user-friendly site and fast turnaround I could order Tuesday, receive everything Friday, zoom to the gallery Saturday to feverishly mount and have them out for sale on Sunday!

All the best and back soon for another order with any luck
Rupert Boddington

Marketing Issues for Wedding Photography

Better Wedding Photography Marketing FREE video Tutorial


Also applies to any online photography business.

We came across these 3 videos from Paul Spiers  at . Where he offers some great FREE advice and thoughts on Wedding Photography and how to market your business better.

Even if you are already doing some of the things that Paul suggests we think they are definitely worth watching a few times over as he has a few alternative actions you may want to consider.

Before becoming a professional photographer Paul worked in direct sales where he trained and managed marketing departments and direct sales teams in various industries.

Thoroughly recommend watching all these 3 video – they are about 8 minutes  each. Paul also offers various courses and webinars.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Here is an ‘Add On’ product that we sell a lot of – A Signature Frame and Mount for all Wedding Guests to sign etc.  This can also be used for any other special event that you have.

signature mount and frame i deal add on gift at weddings - all guests sign the mount and a picture of the happy couple is the centre point

Photography Show March 2015

Cadremont Picture Frames - Picture Mounts at the Photography Show






We have just seen this – perhaps a chance to get some discount on your tickets if you have not already booked

If you are going to The Photography Show at the NEC in March you can get a discount on the entry ticket using the code on the photo mounts page


Play it again Sam……

Sam Warburton Wales - British & Irish Lions Rugby Captain delivers special gift to Cadremont

At Cadremont we supply lots of  sports clubs. Anything from signed shirts / boots / boxing gloves to the more standard framing for end of year awards etc.

We recently had Sam Warburton the Cardiff Blues, Wales and British & Irish Rugby Captain call in to give Peter Williams a match worn and signed shirt from the 2012 Grand Slam season.

Over the years we have helped Sam with various items which have been framed and then auctioned off for charity.

If you have a  photo or piece or memorabilia  you want framed then please just ask us.

We deal with numerous sports clubs and associations across the UK and are always happy to quote and assist with whatever you need.

Thanks  again Sam and good luck for the new season.

Cadremont picture frame reaches the Whitehouse

Barack Obama Wales NATO - Cadremont picture frameWe provide picture frames to lots of various Rugby clubs in the UK – the Newport Gwent Dragons being one of many.  As you may have heard the NATO conference is taking place at the now world famous Celtic Manor Golf Resort in Newport.  Security has been very tight, roads have been closed as Wales welcomes the world leaders from NATO to a very sunny Wales.

We have numerous ships docked in Cardiff Bay from all around the world, Apache helicopters flying over Cardiff Castle. There is even a destroyer class ship docked just off Penarth Pier. Both David Cameron and Barack Obama have visited a school in Newport – and survived.

But the biggest story of the conference (ok – at least one of the biggest) was that a picture frame made by Cadremont for the Newport Gwent Dragons was presented to the US president and his family.

NATO at Cardiff Castle 2014

Spring2014 10% OFF everything till 5th April

Picture Mounts 10% OFF discount voucher codeIt looks like Spring has sprung and it finally seems to have stopped raining so hopefully better weather is on the way for us all.

As a pick me up for everyone – we have a discount code which gives 10% off all orders until the end of the tax year – 5th April.

The code to use is spring2014  , just type that into the box where it says “Redeem a discount coupon ” on the checkout page and it will automatically reduce the price by 10% for you.  You can use this code as many times as you want.

Best wishes
Paul and the team at Cadremont

10% OFF use spring2014 on checkout

Go straight to the shop here

Picture Mounts Special Offers updated

picture mounts special offers

Just a quick post to say that we have updated the ‘Special Offers’ Page of the site.

These are only available to purchase over the phone – so take a look and if there is something  you like please call us on 02920 757373 .





14”x 11”

Qty 25 – Antique Ivory – 14”x 11” – 10”x 7” (photo size) – £13.00

Qty 25 – Antique Ivory – 14”x 11” – 10”x 7” (photo size) – £13.00


 12”x 10”

Qty 30 – Antique White – 12”x 10” – 10”x 8” (photo size) – £13.00


10”x 8”

Qty 50 – Tint 3 (textured off white)  – 10”x 8” – 8”x 6” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 25 – Antique Ivory – 10”x 8” – 8”x 6” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 50 – Antique White – 10”x 8” – 8”x 6” (photo size) – £16.00



10”x 8”

Qty 50 – Tint 3 (textured off white)  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Tint 3 (textured off white)  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 60 – Antique White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £19.00

Qty 60 – Antique White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £19.00

Qty 50 – Antique White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Antique White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Antique White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Poster Black  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 40 – Poster Black  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £13.00

Qty 30 – Super White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £10.00

Qty 50 – Super White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Antique Ivory  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Ice White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Lilly White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Lilly White  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 50 – Pale Ivory  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £16.00

Qty 25 – Stone  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 25 – Russian Green  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 40 – Super White (black core)  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £13.00

Qty 30 – Antique White (black core)  – 10”x 8” – 7”x 5” (photo size) – £10.00


10”x 8”

Qty 25 – Textured Cream Black Core (colourmount)  – 10”x 8” – 7.5”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 25 – Textured Cream Black Core (colourmount)  – 10”x 8” – 7.5”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 25 – Textured Cream Black Core (colourmount)  – 10”x 8” – 7.5”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00

Qty 25 – Textured Cream Black Core (colourmount)  – 10”x 8” – 7.5”x 5” (photo size) – £8.00


8”x 6”

Qty 70 – Tint 3 (textured off white)  – 8”x 6” – 6”x 4” (photo size) – £15.00

Qty 40 – Tint 3 (textured off white)  – 8”x 6” – 6”x 4” (photo size) – £9.00


Art Back

Qty 50 – Art back (conservation white one side)  – 12”x 10” – £20.00


ARThouse 2013

ARThouse 2013 Launch – Armadillocentral

If you happen to find yourself in South West London over the coming weeks then why not take yourself down to this great exhibition which is part of  the local ARThouse Open Studios Festival.

ARThouse 2013 sees artists’ and photographers’ studios right across the borough, from Barnes and Sheen through to Kew, Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton opening their doors to the public.

Emma from   are showing new work by Armadillo Central photographer David Bache as well as artists Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald and Jennifer Copley-May.

Ana was born in Serbia and studied Fine Arts (Painting), Print Making and Sculpture at the University of Visual & Performing Arts in Belgrade. She moved to London in 1997 and teaches Fashion Drawing and Illustration at London College of Fashion, where she has been a tutor since 2003.

The exhibition includes black and white limited edition photographs, original woodcut prints and fashion illustrations.

Pop in and say hello it runs from the 21st to the 30th June under the festival banner then remains open for a further couple of weeks until mid-July. Kew’s most stylish café, The Petal Pusher, 235 Sandycombe Road, Richmond, TW9 2EW is hosting the exhibition.

It is well worth a visit so pop in and say hello, the work is fantastic and we’d like to wish them well for the future.

White Swept Frames on offer

We have a selection of White Swept Frames on offer approx 25% OFF.  They have a 2inch profile and only available in sizes 20 x 16 and 20 x 24 inches.

20 x 16 was £25.46 now only £20  .  The 20 x 24 frame was £28.74 now only £24.   Telephone orders only so please call us on 02920 757373 to get yours.

white swept picture frames corner

white swept picture frames on offer, 2inch profile, 20x16 and 20x24 sizes only

The Wedding Season has officially started

Wedding Signature Frame

The Wedding Season has officially started

Signature Frame - Signature Mount for weddings and special eventsSpring has finally sprung the bluebells have flowered and the wedding season seems to have sparked into life.

If you are a photographer looking to offer something extra and different for your weddings or if you are the happy couple and want something unique, then maybe you need to look at having a Signature Frame or Signature Mount as they are sometimes referred as.

Like all good things the idea is very simple.  A large frame that will surround a 16×20 inch picture mount. The thick outer mount is signed by all your guests and you add in a picture from the big day. All signed ? – then it’s ready to hang on the wall.  Cadremont were one of the first in the UK to offer these and they are still a firm favourite today.  There are a range of frame types & styles to choose from and they can also be engraved as well if you want.

Find out more about the Signature Frames available

And now for the boring bits – but we thought you may like to know.  We only ever use high quality conservation standard, white core, acid free mount board.  Designed to not deteriorate or degrade for up to 300 years.  The extra thick mount board  is bevel cut this gives real depth to the finished artwork.

We’ve found that these signature frames are not just being used for Weddings but also for special birthdays’, retirements’ in fact any special occasion.