contemporary antique ivory swept frames. An alternative to the usual white swept frameContemporary Antique White Swept Frames


We have added these beautiful frames to our swept frames selection.  They are available in both 2 and 3 inch profiles and come in a range of sizes, they look fantastic and more importantly we have managed to keep the price down.

These frames are perfect for showing off your best artwork or photography. Or if you just happen to have an old master hanging around in your attic then these would be ideal to show it off.

You usually find these frames in art galleries but these swept frames are now proving very popular for both home and professional use.

You can find out more by clicking on the swept frames link


2inch profile Antique Ivory swept frames


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Cadremont photo mounts

Had a wedding booked , the bride was getting married in an ivory wedding dress. I like to try and colour co-ordinate as much as possible. These frames are great, they look ornate, they are of a very sturdy design - but above all that the happy couple loved it. I'll be ordering a couple more next week - as it looks they are going to give one each to the parents. Thanks Aaron for getting them to me so quick.

Best wishes