Is Mountboard all the same wherever you buy it ?  eBay – HobbyCraft etc


You may be forgiven for thinking that the mountboard that is used to make your picture mounts is all the same – apart from the colour.  This is a common misconception that we hear about on a daily basis. So here is an article that hopes to show you exactly what it all means and the differences that can and do exist.If you Google the phrase photo mounts you will see a range of websites that sell them – anyone from eBay, Hobbycraft to cotswold mounts.  All of them seemingly offering a product that looks great in or out of a frame.  When purchasing mounts though, there are a few important things you need to look out for and to make sure you are purchasing the correct item – that applies to all stores.

The Fine Art Trade Guild is the universally accepted body that sets the standard for the definition of mountboard.  They do this based on the following properties – composition, combination and characteristics of papers and paper boards used in the framing of artwork.   Mountboard needs to, at the very least meet the Standard Board specification in order to be deemed to be suitable for professional framing.

However, Standard Mountboard is only suitable for Commended, Budget and Minimum levels of framing. The quality of boards in this category vary greatly and you should look very closely at the specifications and product descriptions in order to differentiate them.

Some have ‘conservation core and backing’, but this does not raise them to Conservation level framing standard. They are not deemed suitable for collectable artwork like paintings, photographs and limited edition prints etc .

cotswold mounts - picture mounts - photo mounts - conservation standard mountboard

For Conservation level framing, only mountboard that fully complies with the detailed specifications for Guild Conservation Board should be used, as a minimum.

  • 100% Acid Free guaranteed not damage your precious artwork
  • Whitecore Conservation Standard
  • Fully comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level.
  • Pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test

When ordering mounts  please only ever use Conservation standard mount board – we do not supply anything other than this on all our mounts

5 Responses to Cotswold Mounts Picture Framers Mounting

  • I have always wondered what the different levels meant and how different shops sell different types – thanks

  • So basically I should use either conservation standard for mounts ?
    And if it is going into the National Gallery (I wish) then I should use archival std…

  • Now I understand – needs to 100% acid free and conservation standard. Will remember this for the next exhibition – and you are right – the difference is in the quality and the depth of the cut.

  • I can vouch for this , if you dont use the conservation std type picture mounts, then over time it will affect the photograph in the frame. So using cheap flimsy low quality mounts – like what you find in the large chain shops, will come back to bite you eventually.
    Ive been selling my prints ready mounted and in bags for years.

  • So – I now understand why I should use conservation standard mounts, that explains a lot and why alternatives should be avoided – if you value your artwork – like I do. picture mounts – do you sell the backing boards and bags as well ? – kind regards Margaret