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Wedding Photographers in Cardiff – Thank you Phill Anstice

Phill Anstice Cardiff Wedding Photographers - wedding photographers in cardiffWe had a panic on this week.  We had a request in from a newly married couple.  They had planned to use one of their wedding photos in a wedding signature frame as a present, for both sides of the family.

The wedding photographer they had used (a family friend) hadn’t quite lived up to expectations.  Some of the main bride and groom shots had not quite worked out.   Now most people may just Google “Wedding Photographers in Cardiff”  , but we are lucky in that we have known a local wedding photographer  for some years, and if he cant help out then he can recommend someone who can.

No Need – we put Phill in touch with the couple and within a day he had arranged a post wedding shoot of the couple and close family / friends and they managed to get the pictures they wanted.   Even the vicar was available.

We dont get requests like this every week – but we’d just like to say thanks to Phill for going that extra step to help out. A great job – well done.

Pinstripe Photo Mount review

Pinstripe Photo Mount - Picture MountA while ago we launched our Pinstripe Mount.  unique in that no one else makes this type of mount.  We launched at this years Focus 2010 exhibition and the results so far mean we can safely say it has been a roaring success. Dont take our word for it though…

Norman Stebs,
September 1st, 2010

Rating: 5 out of 5

My customers see this mount – and the others never get a look in – reserve this for your best work. Or for customers who need something that little bit special.

Can you tell what it is yet ?

Rolf Harris Paintings


Cadremont Picture Frame for a Rolf Harris print

Rolf Harris

We have seen seen that via the Smart Galleries ( South Yorkshire’s leading international fine art specialists. Representing contemporary international artists including:) website they have some  unique and rare Rolf Harris paintings on display.

This exhibition ends on the 31st October so if you are up that way – make sure you call in and say G’day.

If you are an existing Gallery owner – then we are offering 10% off any purchases up to the 31st October – if you email us we’ll give you the code you need to get the money off.