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Specialist Picture Mounts to enhance your artwork

Whether you are a professional or keen amateur you may not realise this but mounts are equally as important as picture frames when it comes to focusing and enhancing your artwork. A mount will also serve to protect your work – and if you have some non reflective glass – even better.

For frames – it is important to choose the correct frame for your artwork that you are going to display in your office, home, exhibition or club. A frame needs to fit the artwork without gaps so the artwork will not move once it is the frame. To make sure your work isn’t going to move and isn’t going to come into contact with the glass in the frame, you need to make sure you have the right mount.

A picture mount can be ready made or made to your specific dimensions. They will always be available in a range of colours and thicknesses. You can also go one step ahead of the competition and go for a ‘pinstripe’ or ‘ribbon’ mount – these specialised mounts will actually enhance your work to a level that you will not believe. A pinstripe mount has a double reverse bevel about an inch away from your artwork. Why not take a look at this mount

pinstripe Pictire Mounts and Photo Mounts

‘The Pinstripe’ – a very special mount

We can produce any design mount you want, if you have an idea or want some custom made mounts of your own – then please get in touch to discuss it more.

Summer Sale 20% everything

The world cup is over for England, we can still hear the drone of some distant vuvuzelas. So to take everyones mind off them for a moment or two – we decided to have a sale.

20% off - Sale - picture frames - photo mounts - reportage - signature frames

Cadremont Summer Sale – a massive 20% off everything (yes 20%) .

Use the shop as normal – except this time – when you go to checkout – we take off 20% of the cost of your order. The discount doesnt apply to shipping unfortunatley. We would love to tell FedEx to reduce their costs by 20% – but they wont. The good news is that the Sale discount applies to all our products – frames, mounts, multi apertures, reportage, wedding signature frames, everything.